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Every year around Valentine’s Day, 4th Street in Santa Rosa, California is the scene of a bunch of crazy people beer lovers waiting in line for a chance to taste the current batch of a beer called Pliny the Younger. At peak times the wait to get in the door can be over five hours. Each day a certain amount of the beer is allotted for drinking in an effort to make the brewed beer last for the two week period it is offered. This past weekend some friends and I braved the crowds for a taste of this very special beer.

Why is it special? It is very expensive and time consuming to make so the brewers at Russian River Brewery decide to only make it once a year. And, people think it’s tasty.

Is it worth a five hour wait? You have to decide that. But it is the number two rated beer on Beer Advocate, the spot for all things beer review and ranking in the US and Canada.

The release of Pliny the Younger coincides with SF Beer Week, a 10 day celebration of beer in the Bay Area. Breweries and restaurants around the Bay have many events planned. So if you’re into beer, this is your week and you better find an event that suits your fancy.

Pliny the Younger runs through February 14, 2013, then its gone ’til 2014.

Pliny the Elder, the Brewery’s flagship beer, is on tap year round. If you go, get both and do a little taste test.Ā  I highly recommend the beer bites with spinach and mushrooms.

Comments on: "Would you stand in line for 5 hours for 10oz of beer?" (5)

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Great idea to roundup the recycled art! I wouldn’t have known what they used to make each piece unless you had the cheat sheet there. Bet they had fun gathering all that stuff and figuring out how to make something great out of it.
    Really interesting story about the Pliny the Younger. I hadn’t heard about that. Thanks for your interesting topics.

  2. Hey, Jennifer,
    Just a quick note. I noticed that your blog clock is off. My comment says it was posted at 4:09 am and it is actually 8:09pm. šŸ™‚

  3. I have not developed a taste for beer in my old age ~ and I come from a hard-core beer drinkers. I call them alcoholics, my Dad, his brothers, all of my uncles on my Mom’s side and my in-laws and all of their sons. One beer is all it takes for all these men to forget about family, responsibilities, … life.

  4. I’m very picky when it comes to. I was stationed in the UK for eight years and was pretty spoiled with UK and mainland European brews, so probably not. I will go try the place.

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