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I love Infographics!

What are infographics?

A visual way to organize information so it can be digested quickly and presented in an interesting way. They can be on any topic and anyone can make them.

The concept has been around forever and we are very familiar with graphs and charts we would find in any textbook or presentation. But with the proliferation of the internet, has come a a tremendous amount of information available rapidly, and we are always developing better ways to present a lot of information about a topic.

Enter today’s fun looking and picture based Infographic.

Did I mention they can be about anything?

Here are a few I like.


I intended to write this post hours ago but after reading through that nap infographic again, I had to take one.



From: OnlineDatingUniversity


Infographic courtesy of

Looking for more? There is a site called Daily Infographic which supplies you with new ways of looking at facts you didn’t know you wanted to know. (Warning it’s addicting, and there’s an Infographic about that too.)

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Life is too short to be bored

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Life is too short to be bored

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