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Do the #HarlemShake

So you might have heard about the latest internet video craze, the Harlem Shake. The evolution of my experience with it went something like this.

Tuesday night: Noticing that #HarlemShake was trending on Twitter along with #StateoftheUnion and #republicanresponse. I was intrigued, but choose to handle things like dinner and sleeping after an incredibly long day instead of googling this term.

Wednesday: a friend says “Hey have you heard about this #HarlemShake thing?” and shows me this video: (skip ad about virool, or watch it, it’s pretty clever, but that’s not the video)

(special place in my heart, former swimmer and all…)

Well that video lead to another: (warning there is gyrating in all of these)

And another:

For some longer fun try searching for one of the many compilation videos that have since been made.

Fast forward to Friday night and I’m explaining this #HarlemShake phenomena to my boyfriend.

“Someone starts dancing usually wearing some sort of helmet or animal head costume, etc.”

Then I confess that just the night before, when I couldn’t sleep I had searched “Harlem Shake KU Basketball”.  (Side Note: My boyfriend is a huge University of Kansas Basketball fan and I had been watching these guys for awhile now, and they seemed like the kind of guys who might do this kind of thing.) But I was disappointed to find nothing.

A couple hours later I hear that familiar music coming from my boyfriend’s phone in the other room and he is cracking up.

“Remember that text message I got during dinner?” he says, “My KU buddy sent me this link”


Note: Looking for more fun? The other viral video craze I really got into was “s*** girls say” and all that came from it….

And btw here’s the update to that event:

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