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What’s In Bloom This Week?

The landscape is coming alive! Color is creeping back into the world around us. Feeling down? Seriously, just take a look around for a second.

Let’s see what is in bloom this week, the second week of March:

1. Mustard Flower

Accenting the green hills with bright yellow.



2. Cherry Blossoms!




3. This interesting ‘weed’ seen on the Bodega cliffs

Please leave a comment if you know what this is.


4. California Poppies (Eschscholzia californica)Showing their strength


5. Tea Tree (Leptospermum scoparium)



St. Teresa of Avila Church

St. Teresa of Avila Church

Bodega, CA.

Ansel Adam Photographed in 1953.

It can be seen in Hitchcock’s film The Birds, and is located next to the school house featured in the film.

Roman Catholic, built 1859.

A California Historic Landmark.


February Sunset

February Sunset

Bodega, CA 2013

All rights reserved.


My How Far We Have Come (techology)

My How Far We Have Come (techology)

The Macintosh SE circa 1987 and the 21.5 inch iMac circa 2012. I stumbled upon this sort of tech museum in an office building that honors the computer I learned to type on, and the computer I use today.

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Life is too short to be bored

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Life is too short to be bored

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Life is too short to be bored

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Life is too short to be bored

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